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A Payroll Revolution…..RTI

PAYEase is a new and rapidly growing business based in Redditch offering specific expertise in payroll and CIS services to small and medium sized businesses.

Using the latest software which is continually updated to HMRC specification, you can confidently outsource your payroll to us with minimal cost and concerns, allowing you more time to concentrate on your key business.

As of 6th April 2013 changes in legislation will affect how your payroll is prepared and reported to the HMRC: as an employer or director taking a salary you will have to report every employee payment as it happens. This new reporting process is called Real Time Information (RTI) and represents the largest change in payroll reporting since 1945.

The previous system allows employers to submit PAYE information to HMRC at the Payroll Year End. The new system will mean that employers will have to submit payroll data to HMRC on or before every pay day.

Employers will have to accurately record more information about employees and their pay than they presently do, this means that they will need to introduce new procedures now in order to cope with the level of change being implemented.

Make sure you avoid the substantial penalties from HMRC for non-compliance and let us give you a non obligatory Quote/discussion to see if we can assist you with these changes and your payroll and CIS needs.

For more information please contact Carolyn Baker on: 07907898389
or email info@payease.co.uk